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We want to prevent accidents around the bed before they happen!
We want to reduce the burdens of nurses and care-givers!
It is from these thoughts that we created the system.

The system us useful for:

  • Residents and patients who fall out of bed or get out of bed unexpectedly.
  • Residents and patients who suffer from dementia when they wander in the night and cannot find their way back to their room.

The system can:

  • Detect the the motions of patients starting get out of bed and notify care providers before patients get up.
  • Detect and notify care providers of unusual bed movements (convulsions, etc.).
  • Notify care providers when patients after getting up, do not return to bed after a fixed period of time.
  • Able to simultaneously monitor multiple patients.
  • Able to share alert information simultaneously with multiple care givers.
  • Able to individually set danger levels for notifications for multiple patients.
  • With the addition of a camera, multiple staff can individually monitor the situation when notified.

(*To preserve the privacy of the patients, you must have the consent of the patient or family)


Special feature!

  • Non-contact sensors can be placed out of sight thereby eliminating patient stress.

The merits of deployment

  • Reduced burden on nurses and care giving staff
  • Especially at night, a limited staff can provide proper care allowing staff to take appropriate rests.

  • Risk management for care facilities and hospitals.
  • Help preventing damage compensation losses and loss of reputation due to accidents.

  • Peace of mind for both patients and their families.
  • We will warmly watch over your loved ones.


Operation Example


*A 2013 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Robot care equipment development and deployment promotion project


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