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We want to be quickly notified of sudden physical changes in elderly people who live alone.
We want to prevent the elderly from dying alone and unnoticed.
It is from these thoughts that we created this service.

The system is useful for:

  • Home helpers and businesses providing home nursing services.
  • Businesses operating elderly housing which provide nursing care.
  • Local municipalities and real estate administrators that want to quickly detect and prevent lonely deaths.

The system can:

  • Monitor activities with multiple sensors and provide regular status updates by email.
  • Send an email alert when no activities have been detected for a period of time.
  • Send an alert email when the room temperature and humidity has reached levels high enough to cause heat stroke.
  • Send an alert email when an occupant falls down in the room or bath (Under development as of April 2015)


  • The sensors are all wireless and needs no cable installation work.
  • The sensors are all equipped with solar panels and the batteries never need to be changed.
  • There is no need for an internet connection or telephone line.

The merits of deployment

  • The system can detect accidents with the care provider is not present, thus providing peace of mind to both the patient and management.
  • The sensors allow automatic notification of irregularities enabling swift support even when the patient is unable to ask for help.

Operation Example


*A 2014 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Robot care equipment development and deployment promotion project


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